Hooker caught turning tricks in cemetery

A prostitute working in a Romanian graveyard is arrested for entertaining truck drivers.

By Jack Boulware
Published August 21, 2000 7:18PM (EDT)

Prostitution in Romania has seen better days. Customers needing sexual relief once visited exotic brothels, and chose from among a bevy of perfumed females. These days, guys looking for some paid action simply pull their truck off the main road, walk through a cemetery and meet the hooker for a quickie among the tombstones.

Cemeteries are now too obvious a locale, because Romanian police have been raiding them lately. According to recent news reports, authorities arrested a hooker in a cemetery near Buzau, while she was entertaining local members of the truck driving community. They also found her drunk husband, hiding behind one of the crypts.

Ionel Tutuianu, 32, was not a good husband, the hooker told police. He had forced her to have sex with other men in order to offset the increasing costs of his alcohol consumption. To take advantage of the truck driving population, it was decided that a main road passing by the local cemetery would be an excellent and convenient location in which to service clients -- men driving lorries, for instance. And of course, hubbie could crouch behind a crypt, watch the action and enjoy his drinking, perhaps even shout words of encouragement.

The woman said she was glad police had arrested her husband along with her. "He only asks for 50,000 lei (U.S.$2.20) and I'm worth more than that," she complained.

Jack Boulware

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