The fight to free the West Memphis 3

By Stephen Lemons

By Salon Staff
Published August 21, 2000 7:07PM (EDT)

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I would like to thank Salon and Stephen Lemons for the article about the West Memphis Three. In the three-plus years I have been following and talking about this case, this is by far the most thoroughly researched and accurate introductory news piece about it that I have ever read. It is obvious that Lemons took extra care to get the details right and to present only accurate information. Strangely enough, most reporters don't bother.

Thank you -- it's nice to know that responsible journalism still exists!

-- Sandra Lee

I want to commend your magazine and Stephen Lemons for the article on the West Memphis Three. I have been a supporter of these three young men for many years now, and it's articles like this that bring the truth to the general public and aid in bringing more supporters to the fore to seek justice for the victims as well as the convicted.

Since seeing the original "Paradise Lost" documentary on HBO, it has been my belief that these three young men were wrongly convicted. It's very frightening for me to think that in America anyone could be convicted of a crime just for seeking individuality and possibly for being literate.

Thank you for being so insightful to include information about the these three young men and the West Memphis Three Support group in your publication. Perhaps we will see justice served in the near future.

-- Susan S. Badour

Salon Staff

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