Better red than brain-dead

By John Leonard

By Salon Staff
Published August 22, 2000 7:58PM (EDT)

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I, too, know the socialist solitude which John Leonard laments. While I am cheered by the likes of Daniel Lazare, Bernie Sanders, Christopher Hitchens and Gore Vidal, their number is so meager among the waves and waves of MBAs arriving on our shores every spring. Ultimately it is our quality, not our quantity, which must unwrinkle our brows.

But is this not an abandonment of the dream? Does being a socialist in America entail not actually being a socialist because a socialist must believe that justice will prevail? I certainly hope not, but I must admit that when I think of a time frame in which socialism will come to pass in America, I return with figures better suited to the development of life from primordial ooze than a political campaign.

Still Rosa Luxembourg's words can do nothing but inspire with the simple truth of the choice they offer the world: "Socialism or barbary." I believe her words have been borne out. Who can say we are not living in barbarous times?

-- Judy Kellner

Socialism requires too much work for the masses as in opposition to the wealthy elite. Meanwhile capitalism has the resources to finance a pro-capitalism propaganda industry. Besides, materialism is very, very seductive, as is sitting in front of a TV for hours being indoctrinated with rightist propaganda. Greed and materialism is hard-wired into human nature and socialism is, well, unnatural.

-- Mitchell Senft

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