John Rocker's San Francisco treat

By Joan Walsh

By Salon Staff
Published August 23, 2000 7:24PM (EDT)

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What is it about being a professional athlete that negates one's right to spout hurtful, negative stereotypical insults, otherwise known and cherished as freedom of speech? John Rocker's job is to throw a baseball, not be some spokesman for humanity. And since when are close-set eyes a sure sign of ignorance? You're telling me that James Carville, the beadiest-eyed man around, is an idiot because he has close-set eyes? Rocker looks a lot like John Elway to me. Elway must be a close-minded ignorant country fuck by your line of reasoning. Hardly an enlightened comment on prejudice, that.

-- Charlie Perdue

The best way to protest John Rocker is for all the fans to leave the stadium when he goes to the mound. If he were a starting pitcher, fans could refuse to buy tickets when he plays, but since he isn't that caliber, leave when he comes out. He'd hate nothing more than playing in front of an empty stadium.

Fans at home should change the channel when he's on. Believe me, once the advertisers start complaining, he won't be making much money for long.

-- Stefan Krzywicki

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