And they say in-laws can't agree

Each with a hefty lawsuit, Eminem's wife and mother come together in beautiful anger, greed; Playboy responds to disses from Roseanne and "Survivor's" Jenna: Uh, you two were never invited in the first place. Plus: Patty Hearst gets snubbed.

By Amy Reiter
Published August 24, 2000 4:06PM (EDT)

This week in "As Eminem's World Turns" ...

The rapper's estranged wife, Kimberly Mathers, sues him for $10 million for defamation and distress and tries to block him from getting joint custody of their 4-year-old daughter. (She's finally decided to take exception to his musical depiction of her "grisly murder," which he enacts with an effigy in his stage shows.)

And his mother, Deborah Mathers-Briggs -- who has already filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against her son -- sues him for an extra $1 million. Mathers-Briggs' bonus suit is apparently in response to the rapper's claim in an interview that "She doesn't have a leg to stand on [in her defamation suit], so she's looking for things I say in interviews that might help her." Ahem.

Tune in next week to find out if Mathers takes a page from her lawsuit-happy mother-in-law and claims defamation on the part of the rapper's trash-talkin' grandma.

That's right, Betty Kresin's been sayin' some very ungranny-like things about her granddaughter-in-law, describing her as a manipulative flirt and a bully.

"Kim always wore the trousers in the marriage," Kresin told Q Online. "They came back here twice last year and Kim pulled his strings. Marshall didn't have a mind of his own. Whenever he's on tour, he's wondering who Kim's going to be with. Can you imagine how it is?"

Um. Do we have to?

"She's nothing," continued Kresin. "Kim used the little girl to get to Marshall. Whenever she got upset she threatened he'd never see her again."

On second thought, maybe Mathers ought to forget the lawsuit and give Jerry Springer a call.

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Not exactly the magic words

"A long time ago, I read the first two [Harry Potter] books, and since then I've forgotten everything about them."

-- Daniel Radcliffe, the 11-year-old boy plucked to play Harry Potter in the upcoming movie, revealing that he's not just wild about Harry.

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Roseanne barred?

Hugh Hefner -- innocent victim?

Turns out Roseanne's smear campaign against Playboy -- and warm embrace of Bob Guccione Jr.'s "intelligent" magazine, Gear -- may be a big fat case of sour grapes. And "Survivor's" Jenna Lewis may never have had the chance to get naked for the sake of her daughters, after all.

Playboy spokesman Bill Farley tells me he's mystified by reports that the women both turned down offers to pose.

"Neither received an offer," Farley sniffs, "so I guess it was pretty easy for them to 'turn it down.'"

Not so Carmen Electra, who, according to the New York Daily News, spent Monday posing for Playboy (again). Electra will grace the cover of the magazine's holiday issue, due out in December, and will appear within wearing nothing but high heels and a come-hither look.

But the former "Baywatch" babe isn't the only one who's soft on Hugh. Melissa Etheridge tells the upcoming issue of Us Weekly she, too, would like to remove her rags for Hef's readers.

"I'd do it to be the first boundary-crossing big-dyke-gone-Playboy," she says. "Well, the first out dyke, anyway."

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A real Guy's guy

"He's small and came out early, but not alarmingly small. He's sweet small."

-- Guy Ritchie on his and Madonna's brand-new baby boy, Rocco.

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Juicy bits

I got you naked, babe? According to the New York Daily News, Cher's been "putting out feelers" to take over the role of Mrs. Robinson from Jerry Hall if and when the London production of "The Graduate" moves to Broadway -- and if Kathleen Turner declines to reprise the role. Cher's people deny the rumor that she's hot to drop her towel onstage. Am I the only one who'd pay big money to see Mrs. Robinson belt out "If I Could Turn Back Time"?

How soon they forget. Patty Hearst reportedly had a hard time gaining entry into Paper magazine's party for John Waters' "Cecil B. DeMented," -- held at snazzy NYC restaurant du jour Lotus -- despite the fact that she's one of the film's stars. New York magazine reports that, while the eatery's doormen let Fran Lebowitz and gallery owner Tony Shafrazi waltz right into the VIP area, Hearst got held up. "But I'm in the movie," one witness heard her plead. "I'm an actress." The doormen, unmoved, refused to let her beyond the velvet rope, instead directing her upstairs, where, the witness says, "all the losers were." As the former kidnapped heiress/revolutionary/screen star dejectedly trudged up the steps, one doorman muttered, "There's no way that woman is an actress." Maybe she should have blasted her way in ...

Some people eat rats on Pulau Tiga. Some people only play them on the Web. Kelsey Grammer will produce and star in an animated Net series called "Gary the Rat," about a high-powered Manhattan lawyer who wakes up one morning as a 6-foot rat and discovers that his clients prefer him that way. The "Frasier" star's hoping the show, set to debut this fall, will eventually get picked up as a TV series. "The goal," Grammer says, "is to make the episodes as funny as we can." As funny as his Broadway turn as "Macbeth"?

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