Nader's priceless spot

Watch the Ralph Nader campaign ad MasterCard doesn't want you to see.

By Salon Staff
Published August 25, 2000 11:57PM (EDT)

MasterCard recently filed suit against Ralph Nader and his presidential campaign for $15 million for running a biting political ad that's a flagrant parody of what the credit card company refers to as its "famous and renowned 'Priceless' advertising campaign" -- the ads that tempt us with such intangibles as "a day where all you have to do is breathe" followed by the word "priceless," and then drives home our addiction to consumerism with the tag line "There are some things money can't buy ... for everything else there's MasterCard."

The Nader ad puts a silly spin, reminiscent of the old "Saturday Night Live," on the original MasterCard concept. After MasterCard filed suit against Nader last week, the Green Party presidential candidate told the Associated Press that MasterCard "should lighten up. They're taking their name 'Master' too seriously. This is America.''

Ralph Nader, "Priceless Truth"
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