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TV actor Richard Hatch resents sharing names with the "Survivor" millionaire; Marilyn Manson saves an injured Bond girl. Plus: Ben Affleck blows a fortune and a Spice Girl finds 2,500 bad words.

By Amy Reiter
Published August 31, 2000 7:20PM (EDT)

"Survivor" millionaire Richard Hatch may have just nabbed a $500,000 book deal with St. Martin's Press, but he's not making any friends in Hollywood. Or that is, he's making one very vocal enemy: Richard Hatch.

Richard Hatch, the TV actor who made something of a name for himself with roles on "The Streets of San Francisco," "Battlestar Galactica" and "All My Children," is pretty steamed about having his good name and hard-won fame hijacked by the manipulative booty barer.

"I have to tell you, it feels very violating," the actor gripes to TV Guide Online. "We forget there are other people with our name and somehow we feel an ownership with our name. Honestly, this is one of the strangest experiences that's ever happened to me in my life, and I'm having to deal with it."

But the actor apparently had a little trouble dealing with it when his own voice-over agent called recently asking him to sign an autograph for someone who had him confused with his naked namesake. "I said, 'Are you kidding? He's from Rhode Island; he's not an actor! He's 39 years old; we're 15 years difference in age! I have a son who's 33 years old!"

Hmmm. I wonder if he ever takes him out jogging ...

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Her neck may be red and her A's may be flat, but ...

"I thought her tits were cute."

-- Richard Hatch (yes, that Richard Hatch) on his fellow "Survivor" Alliance member Susan Hawk's key assets, in his book proposal, excerpted on

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Veiled hints

Madonna's next single: "My Guy"?

Recently spotted sporting a whopping diamond ring on her left hand, Rocco's mom has raised speculation that she's fixing to get hitched to Rocco's dad, British director Guy Ritchie.

Adding fuel to the fire, a pal of Ritchie's has told the U.K. Sun that the director "intends to marry Madonna by Christmas."

"Rocco's difficult birth has led to Guy realizing all he wants is to marry Madonna and become a family," the pal told the paper. "He loves Lourdes and Rocco."

Cap that off with Ritchie's own tendency to refer to Madonna as "the missus," and you've got ample reason to suspect that little Lourdes may soon have a new stepdaddy as well as a new little brother.

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Take that!


-- Pop star Robbie Williams on the weirdest thing he'd ever received from a fan.

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More Marilyn than Manson

Marilyn Manson, good Samaritan?

Former Bond girl Britt Ekland's agent, Suzanne Martin, thinks so. After Ekland, who played Mary Goodnight in "The Man With the Golden Gun," took a tumble on a piece of fruit as she got up to present an award to the Goth rocker at a ceremony in London on Tuesday night, Martin says Manson was a regular sweetheart.

"[He was] very, very kind to Britt," Martin told the BBC, noting that the former Bond girl broke a wrist and an ankle in the fall. "He did talk to her and look after her afterwards. He had a nice sensitive side."

His fans will be so disappointed.

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Get a whiff of this guy

"Being married means I can fart and eat ice cream in bed."

-- Brad Pitt on why marriage is a gas.

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Juicy bits

All stalked out: Cristin Keleher -- the stalker who broke into George Harrison's Hawaiian home, ate his frozen pizza and did her laundry -- has been released on probation after serving a four-month stint in jail. The 27-year-old New Jersey resident told the court that she meant the former Beatle no harm and, in fact, loves him. Hope she's not expecting a "Love You Too."

I know, I know. You've been beside yourself with worry that David and Victoria Beckham might block the publication of Andrew Morton's unauthorized biography of them. But the soccer star and his Spicey wife have reportedly dropped their play to block the book's publication after reaching a settlement with the dishy biographer over 2,500 words (of the book's 60,000) they found objectionable. Who knew they even knew that many words?

Talk about good will hunting ... Ben Affleck really spread the love around during a trip to Las Vegas with his buddy Matt Damon last weekend. After hitting it big at the blackjack table, the New York Post reports, the actor gave his $140,000 winnings away to the staff at the Hard Rock Casino. "He tipped out all the chips to waitresses, dealers, concierges, bell guys -- it was amazing," one witness told the paper. "Some people were getting $5,000 and some people were getting more." Stop! Armageddon jealous.

Affleck might have saved a few bucks to hand over to Kelly Wiglesworth, the "Survivor" also-ran who lost a million bucks to Richard Hatch (not the actor) essentially by gambling on the number 3. Wiglesworth's employer, Whitewater Voyages, is asking visitors to its Web site to send Kelly $1 so she can raise a million clams and rub it in the face of Susan "Cute Tits" Hawk. What was that about rats and snakes again?

If you think Eminem's something of a villain, you'll be pleased to hear that at least one Hollywood casting agent apparently agrees. Variety reports that the rapper born Marshall Mathers is being courted by Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures to star as a bad guy opposite Denzel Washington's good guy in the upcoming flick "Training Day." The rapper is also planning to publish a collection of uncensored lyrics, personal commentary and photos in a book called "Angry Blonde," due out Nov. 7. Probably not a good holiday gift for the kiddies.

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