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By Rebecca Segall

By Salon Staff
September 5, 2000 11:15PM (UTC)
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I enjoyed your article on Sean Dix, the inventor of floss rings. I have to admit that after reading the entire article I am convinced that CNN did, in fact, do a hatchet job on the guy to scare away potential investors in an attempt to cash in on his expiring patent.


I am a Republican and, as such, I have always championed free enterprise. I have always been an advocate of the rich, but I can now see that, in fact, the rich have in many cases earned their reputation as selfish, evil and greedy by co-opting and otherwise stealing ideas from well-intentioned, hard-working Americans who want their own small share of the American dream.

This is not the first time this has happened by any means, but it is one of the most blatant and obvious attempts of corporate greed I have ever seen.

-- Timothy Carr


I will agree that the act of threatening any person, let alone someone of Turner's moneyed stature, is somewhat ill-advised.

However, any fair adjudicator of justice should take the mitigating circumstances into account and send this poor soul home with a stiff admonition and call it "time served."

I just don't believe he was anything more than ill-served by his temperament at the time. I doubt he fits the profile of a murderer.


-- John Santos

Good luck to Sean Dix, I hope he has his day in court. Turner has no need to squash him like a little bug. I had never heard of the floss rings until I read this story, but I can see the logic in his invention. I get pretty tired of nearly cutting the circulation off to my fingers when I floss. I would indeed purchase his product. I hope he makes a fortune with it and embarrasses CNN in the process.


-- Brian Charney

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