Put that silicon where the sun don't shine

By Katharine Mieszkowski

By Salon Staff
September 11, 2000 11:53PM (UTC)
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It does not surprise me that the cyber chips are here. It does worry me, considering the potential for abuse this creates. It is not a far stretch from "You can have this" to "You WILL have this." Vaccinations, Social Security and other government programs come to mind.


The biggest fear I have is how we define criminal and which criminals will be required to have a chip. Suppose the government decides we ALL need one? Will the government want to track us all, all of the time? Do we, as a supposedly free society, really want that kind of intrusion?

I wonder how the Founding Fathers would have reacted.

-- Dick Trimble


We have microchips in pets mandated by law here in Australia. Yet most of the strays picked up still have to be put down because their chips can't be read or the vets/pounds don't have functioning readers or the database info is outdated.

Systems don't always work as they should ...

-- Michelle Stein-Evers

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