Russell Crowe: The Blabiator

The rampaging Aussie turns his attention to Jodie Foster; Tori Amos: It's another lactation sunrise. Plus: New "Star Wars" script swiped -- Lucas says he'll use the Force to get it back!

By Amy Reiter
September 11, 2000 8:20PM (UTC)
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Whoa ... Whoa!

Has Russell Crowe just outted Jodie Foster?

The Australian actor, who was set to star in Foster's upcoming film "Flora Plum," has reportedly injured his shoulder while recording with his band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, in Austin, Texas, forcing Foster to hit the cinematic pause button while doctors determine whether Crowe's joint is more mendable than Meg Ryan's marriage.


But Foster might have been better off hitting mute. Crowe recently told an Australian TV interviewer that the band's song "Other Ways of Speaking" was inspired by Foster.

It's about "meeting somebody that you think [you] could ... easily fall in love with ... but they, ah, they in fact play for a different team," he said.

Foster's spokeswoman, Pat Kingsley, however, insists she hasn't the faintest clue what Crowe is talking about. "I don't know anything about the song," she told New York Daily News columnists Rush and Molloy. "'Playing for a different team' could mean a lot of things."


Such as ...?

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There's a Jimmy Buffett song in here somewhere ...

"An ounce of breast milk is even more potent than the finest tequila."

-- Tori Amos, upon breastfeeding her brand-new baby daughter for the first time, according to Q Online.


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They way they were

True, she was first one voted off of Pulau Tiga, but Sonja Christopher may be the ultimate survivor after all.

The ukelele-playing cancer survivor tells the upcoming TV Guide that, after watching her get the boot, then-couple Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche were so upset they invited her to dinner.


"She and Anne had been so moved when I was voted out that they cried," commented Christopher. "I had a wonderful evening with them."

Now don't go speculating about any nefarious ulterior motives. Honestly!

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Lady saliva

"It was a great kiss. It even had a saliva trail."


-- Sarah Michelle Gellar on her onscreen smooch with Selma Blair in "Cruel Intentions," in the upcoming issue of Glamour.

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Juicy bits

How much would you pay for pictures of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas' baby son, Dylan? Do I hear ... $1 million? The U.K. Sun reports that the celebrity couple has accepted an offer from OK! magazine -- the same bastion of high-quality journalism that once shelled out about $1.5 million for Victoria and David Beckham's luxurious wedding -- to allow the first publication of photos of their new baby for 1 million clams. OK! editor Martin Townsend commented, "I hope these pictures will have a major impact on sales." I'll bet.


File this under "e" for extremely bizarre. The Smoking Gun has posted a batch of documents showing that the FBI spent 31 months investigating whether late rappers Tupac Shakur and Eric "Eazy-E" Wright were the victims of death threats and extortion plots hatched by allies of the militant Jewish Defense League. The "domestic terrorism" investigation was closed in May 1999 for lack of corroborating evidence for tips provided to the FBI in October 1996, one month after Shakur's murder. Cue rap version of the "Twilight Zone" theme now.

Ground control to major fashion plate: Readers of British GQ have voted David Bowie the "most stylish man of the year," beating out Pierce Brosnan and Jude Law for the award. But before you spend too much time trying to convince yourself that those fussy frock coats and wavy locks he's been sporting in concert of late are kinda cool looking, check this: The same readers voted to honor Elizabeth Hurley for "services to mankind." You can stop snickering any time now.

Candace Bushnell's got a beef with the HBO show based on her book "Sex and the City." "It's become less realistic," she gripes in Miami's Ocean Drive magazine. "It makes it look like it's really easy to find boyfriends in New York." It wasn't always that way. "At the beginning, [the show] was much more me," the author says, "and now it's much more Sarah Jessica Parker." Not that there seems to be all that much difference to the naked eye. Bushnell's New York launch party for her new book "4 Blondes" next week will be held at DKNY and invites guests for "cocktails and shopping." Sounds sorta Sarah Jessica-esque to me.

Someone's swiped the script for the "Star Wars" sequel and is offering advance peeks for $100,000 a pop. George Lucas is using the Force -- and everything else he can muster -- to get it back. "Lucasfilm is dedicated to its legions of 'Star Wars' fans," a company spokesperson told the New York Daily News, "and will go to any lengths to protect them from the unauthorized or unlawful distribution or publication of proprietary materials that would spoil their 'Star Wars' experience." If he really wanted to prevent the "Star Wars" experience from being spoiled, he'd kill off Jar-Jar Binks.

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