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By Michael Castleman

By Salon Staff
September 12, 2000 11:16PM (UTC)
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Razor bumps and ingrown hairs? That certainly sounds sexy. I am a 30-year-old woman who draws the line at my bikini line. I've noticed the incredibly shrinking pubic hair of late, and it disgusts me.

While men may be interested in the removal of pubic hair as well, women seem increasingly expected to do it. Fashion attempts to dictate hair removal with the thong, mass media seems to approve. Playboy and Penthouse display shaved vulvas, and men are asking us to go bald.


Ten-year-old girls do not have pubic hair. Mature women do, and I happen to enjoy mine. Not only does it serve a purpose, helping to keep us clean and healthy (and preventing chafing), it represents sexual maturity, and in my opinion it is attractive on both men and women.

The desire to shave oneself clean may be the fashion, a sexual fetish or a continuation of a culture sick with its lust for youth -- but when I am asked to shave my absolute answer is "no." I feel perfectly sexy in my natural state and would discourage women from allowing the media, and especially the porn and fashion industries, to tell them what their genitalia should look like.

I will not, however, be voting for Bush in the November election.


-- Noelle

I'm an L.A. photographer who shoots naked women for Web sites and magazines. One model told me she shaves, then rubs a female antiperspirant (I can't remember which one specifically, but most should work) over the area because there's an ingredient in the antiperspirant that prevents bumps and redness. Might be worth a try.

-- Marco Pallotti

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