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New Mariah scandal: Her stuff's in storage! Liz Hurley says she's receiving "extraordinary," "really weird" letters; "Survivor" Rudy: "I can tell you how to win." Plus: Anne Heche talks about Ellen.

By Amy Reiter
September 12, 2000 8:37PM (UTC)
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Mariah Carey, homeless?

The pop princess says she's been living out of suitcases since she moved out of that whopping castle outside New York she shared with ex-hubby Tommy Mottola a couple of years back.

"I haven't had a home since I left there, but, hey, I'm glad," she tells the U.K. Sun from the set of her upcoming flick, "All That Glitters." "I've not been in one place this long since I started out. I certainly don't feel homesick."


Her stuff, she says, "is in storage all over the place. I have had to live out of many suitcases."

But where does she store all her shoes?

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That's what happens when you let them out of the house

"I met Rudy! Rudy is exactly like Rudy from 'Survivor'! He told me ... I can tell you how to win 'Big Brother' ... but he didn't."


-- Curtis of "Big Brother" fame on meeting Rudy Boesch of "Survivor" fame at the Emmys. (Note to Curtis: He was probably only going to tell you to hold onto the pole.)

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Just like Mike?

Guess Mike Myers was serious about that "like buttah" stuff, because the real thing apparently makes him crazy.


According to a Myers profile in Vanity Fair, back when he was shooting "Wayne's World," the comedian went nuts when he discovered that the on-set caterer stocked only butter -- not margarine. Director Penelope Spheeris tells scribe Kim Masters that Myers was on his "car phone for hours talking to [his manager] about how we didn't have any margarine and he was going to quit."

No way? Way!


And that wasn't the only instance of pre-"Dieter"-debacle bad behavior on Myers' part, reports Masters. Two comedians -- Dana Carvey and Dana Andersen (though not, mercifully, Dana Delaney) -- both claim that he's stolen characters from them (Dr. Evil and Dieter, respectively). Myers denies it. What's more, the funnyman is said to have blown his shagedelic '60s hairpiece on the set of "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," lighting into a grip who had the temerity to look him in the eye and neglect to laugh while he was rehearsing his lines.

Very ungroovy, baby.

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If that's weird ...

"I keep getting these extraordinary letters. Really weird ones from American sports stars -- 'I've always thought you were one pretty lady and now you're single I want to meet you for a drink.'"

-- Elizabeth Hurley on her crrrrazy fan mail.


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Juicy bits

Minnie Driver, Lady of the Dance? Sources close to "Riverdance" mastermind Michael Flatley have told the London Times that Driver has accepted the female lead in the screen version of "Lord of the Dance," a musical drama based on Flatley's life and starring the stiff-armed stomper himself. The film goes into production later this month in Ireland and then moves to Chicago, where Flatley grew up. Peter O'Toole is said to be considering a role. Maybe they should call it "Lord Jim of the Dance."

She's baa-aack. Anne Heche made her first post-Ellen public appearance over the weekend when she stepped up to the podium to accept a Women in Film award for her work on HBO's "If These Walls Could Talk 2." She got a little choked up while paying tribute to ex-squeeze Ellen DeGeneres, with whom she'd collaborated on the project. But she gathered herself together sufficiently to say, "No matter what you've heard. I love Ellen DeGeneres. She is a genius ... She is a marvelous woman so dear to my life and I love her."


The tenor wants to vogue. Luciano Pavarotti says that, while he's enjoyed his collaborations with Bono, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin and Annie Lennox, it's Madonna he really has the hots to record with. "I have wanted to sing with Madonna for a very long time," the opera star, who'll take the stage at Madison Square Garden on Thursday, confessed to the New York Post. "She has promised that she would sing, but I do not know if she was joking or serious. But I think she was serious because she is a serious lady." Serious, maybe, but lady?

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