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By Hank Hyena

By Salon Staff
September 13, 2000 11:12PM (UTC)
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Why not leave genital mutilation up to the individual? You can always get cut, but it isn't going to grow back, now is it? Leave it to Junior when he hits 18.

-- Ken Grindall

If you want to get the real story on sexy penises, interview partners of men who have restored their foreskins. Non-surgical foreskin restoration is becoming increasingly popular as men and women realize that there is nothing sexy about the loss of approximately 15 square inches of sexual tissue. Men who restore reclaim sensitivity and the gliding action of the natural penis. Their partners benefit, too.


What a joy it is to have sex without friction! I can tell you that sex with a restoring man keeps getting better every day. I would have never known what I was missing if my partner had not chosen to take back what was taken from him when he was too little to fight back.

I am sad for all Americans who think that sex must be inevitably linked to pain. Our cultural obsession with genital cleanliness has nothing to do with soap and water. As a woman, I am horrified by sexually repressive societies that mutilate women. How are we different? Male circumcision is a crude ritual that was introduced in this country to prevent masturbation. It is time for the U.S. to give up 19th century attitudes and join the rest of the world in abandoning circumcision. Sex is not dirty! Moral purity cannot be achieved by lopping off genitals.

-- Pat Miller


The article by Hank Hyena suggests that the circumcision decision is like deciding what kind of headgear your child should wear. But undergoing surgery is not like donning a football helmet. Performing painful, irreversible surgery on a child for frivolous reasons is a serious matter. I wonder how would treat the subject of circumcision if it were girls, rather than boys, who were having their external sex organs surgically altered at birth to please future sex partners.

-- Dennis Harrison

I grew up in the Midwest, in a suburb, no less! Until I was 25 years old, I had only seen circumcised penises. When I finally encountered an intact penis I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't that big of a deal. Since then I've been with a number of uncircumcised men, and I haven't noticed any of these problems with "funky smells" or "looking weird." In fact, I have a definite preference for uncut now. Once you know what it started out looking like, a circumcised penis looks somewhat scarred and naked. Men who have good hygiene habits (a must for my lovers, cut or uncut) have nothing to worry about in the smegma department. (I still only know about smegma from reading about it.) I find that uncut men have a lot more in common with me; that is, they seem to have similar sexual responsiveness and seem to prefer the same amount of "vigor" that I do. With an intact penis, I never have to gently explain that there IS such a thing as over-stimulation. If I ever have a son, nobody's snipping ANYTHING off of him!


-- Stacy

The debate is nonsense. There is no different feeling during intercourse with a man circumcised than with one not. I have been with both and the only thing that was important to me was if he knew how to use what he had.

If I were to have a son, I would not subject him to having his foreskin removed. It's unnecessary. And if any woman turned him down because of that, that would be her loss.


-- Monica Forester

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