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Kate Winslet plans a drug-free birth -- no problem after all her "Titanic" suffering; NBC survives the $40 million bill for its next reality show. Plus: Scarves scarves scarves.

By Amy Reiter
September 13, 2000 8:21PM (UTC)
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So what if people say that giving birth is one of the most painful things in the world? The way Kate Winslet sees it, it couldn't possibly be as painful as, say, starring in "Titanic."

That's why she's planning to just say no to drugs when she gives birth to the little baby she's expecting any week now.


"Giving birth is what we're designed to do so we should bloody well get on with it," Winslet bloody well tells the Scottish Daily Record.

Besides, she reckons she's a natural for natural childbirth, because "I'm stoical and have a pretty high pain threshold." And while she allows that, if things get really bad, she'll call her acupuncturist for a little shot of relief, she figures she's more than proved her fortitude by appearing alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in that big boat film.

"I've had a good training for labor with some of my film roles, especially 'Titanic,'" she says, "when I was immersed for days in freezing tanks of water."


With preparation like that, who needs Lamaze?

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Goldie II

"As I get older the resemblance gets spookier. There are times when we look so much alike that it freaks us both out. I definitely came from that womb."

-- Kate Hudson on her uncanny resemblance to her mother, Goldie Hawn.


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Lost in space

Mark Burnett has done it again. The "Survivor" mastermind has succeeded in getting NBC to shell out nearly $40 million for the rights to "Destination Mir," his new reality that promises to blast one lucky winner into the ever-hapless Mir space station.


The 13- to 15-episode show will launch in fall 2001 (insert "2001: A Space Odyssey" joke here); its winner, culled from a bevy of would-be cosmonauts, will blast off on his or her exciting 10-day journey to the universe's scariest destination in 2002.

NBC execs, who were bidding against suits from all the other networks for the privilege of broadcasting the show, are thrilled with their purchase.

"The reason I got excited about this was that I know this is the ultimate project for Mark. This was a project where his eyes lit up," NBC Entertainment president Garth Ancier tells Variety. "With every network buying reality shows, including us, this was something that took [the genre] to the next level. It's a completely original idea. Nobody else is going to do another space shot."



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Impolitics & Prose?

"He would be an insult to our customers if he read here. We are going to hide his book in the back when it comes out."

-- A clerk at Washington's Politics & Prose bookstore on Matt Drudge's new book, "Drudge Manifesto."


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Juicy bits

Horshack's back! The National Association for Men's Sportswear Buyers is predicting that colorful striped scarves like those worn by Arnold Horshack in the '70s show "Welcome Back, Kotter" will be back in style for men this winter. Association spokesman Jack Herschlag says the brightly colored scarves will come in lengths up to six feet. Just so long as they don't bring back Horshack's laugh.

"I can't hear you papa"? Phil Collins (a.k.a. "Big Baby Head") is about to become a father again. The 49-year-old rocker and his 28-year-old third wife, Orianne, have announced the impending birth of their first child together. (Collins has three children by his two previous marriages.) She's three months along, Collins' spokesman told the BBC. "It is very early days and they have not even told all the members of their families yet," he said. They have now.


Being the Green Goblin: John Malkovich is reportedly in negotiations to play the Green Goblin opposite Tobey Maguire's Spidey in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of "Spider-Man." Do you suppose they made him try on the suit?

You think acting opposite Gwyneth Paltrow is easy? Not for Ben Affleck. Affleck says he was "touched" when Paltrow suggested he take the lead role alongside her in the romantic comedy "Bounce," but ultimately found the love scenes opposite his ex-girlfriend a bit more challenging than expected. "It was a little awkward because we weren't together anymore," Affleck confesses in the upcoming issue of Talk.

Going, going ... gone for a song. The first plane owned by John F. Kennedy Jr. was auctioned off for less than half of its expected value on Saturday. An Oklahoma car dealer paid $120,000 for the 1977 Cessna 182Q Skylane, although the bidding for the plane opened at $300,000. An auctioneer told the New York Times that superstition connected to the family's unfortunate history may have kept bidders away. You reckon?

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