A miracle the press won't report

By David Horowitz

By Salon Staff
September 21, 2000 11:06PM (UTC)
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Two months ago, polls across the board were showing Bush with a substantial, often double-digit, lead over Gore. And now, in what he describes as "A miracle the press won't report," David Horowitz writes that "George W. Bush is forcing Al Gore into the tightest presidential race in recent history."


I imagine that the Bush campaign would be happier without such miracles, thank you.

-- John J. Boris

One month ago in Salon, David Horowitz celebrated Bush's overwhelming lead in the polls and declared the inevitability of a Republican victory in November. Only a major screw-up by Bush, Horowitz claimed, could turn this election. Yet now with Gore leading the polls, Horowitz is back a month later to tell us why. Surprisingly, he's not talking about the negative impact of the major mistakes (asshole comment, "rats" commercial, perceived unwillingness to debate) that Bush has made. Rather, Horowitz is heralding the floundering GOP candidate as a political miracle worker overcoming tremendous odds. Horowitz has entirely reversed himself and absolutely undermined his credibility.


-- Mike Johnson

I suggest that Horowitz visit a racetrack and watch a horserace. There are very few front runners (only the finest thoroughbreds) that, when caught, can come again. George W. does not have the stamina nor the training and certainly not the class to retake the lead. Usually when caught, they regress even further. Al Gore will win with a clear majority. Rather than being close in November, the spread is widening weekly. W. is a claimer in a stakes race.

-- Arthur Mendelsohn


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so glad to finally see something positive printed about Bush. The media has been hyping Gore so much you'd think he's the only candidate for president. I'm also sick of hearing about all these celebrities who are threatening to leave the country if Bush wins. Let them leave! It's not as if we'd be losing any great talent if they do. Besides, they are so rich, they can afford to be Democrats!

-- Christy L. Huber

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