Bedroom scene, take 5,000

Charlie "The Machine" Sheen claims he's bedded 5K women in his life; Madonna spills the beans about her son's birth complications. Plus: Mariah Carey gets sued and Elton John gets delicate.

By Amy Reiter
September 21, 2000 11:01PM (UTC)
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Ho-ly! Or should I just say "ho"?

Charlie Sheen is now bragging that he's slept with 5,000 women and that his prowess in the sack has earned him the nickname "The Machine."

"I couldn't put a number on my sexual partners," he confesses in the upcoming issue of Maxim. "But if you want me to take a wild guess, I'll say 5,000."


And while the late Wilt "I slept with 20,000 women" Chamberlain might make Sheen look like ... um ... Britney Spears in comparison, the actor says he's had more sex than any celebrity he knows.

How did he do it? Volume!

In his wild years -- during which, it should be pointed out, he also forked over some $60,000 for Heidi Fleiss' wares -- the actor says, he'd often kill two birds with one stone. A lover of both girl-next-door types and porn stars, in addition to call girls, he contends, "It's more fun to get them both in the same room."


Then again, Sheen muses, crawling between the sheets with X-rated stars has its drawbacks. "Some porn girls try too hard to live up their wild film images," he says, "and you just want to tell them, 'Look, there are no cameras here. You're not getting paid.'"

What, you mean he stiffed 'em?

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Does the white one know?

"I'm the black Hugh Hefner."

-- Jamie Foxx, on his penchant for throwing lavish parties at his Los Angeles home.

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Madonna talks baby talk

Madonna's ready to talk about the premature birth of little Rocco (who might have been 'Guido' if his dad, Guy Ritchie, hadn't put his foot down).


While "it wasn't as dramatic as everyone portrays it," she tells the upcoming Us Weekly, the baby's arrival wasn't hitch-free either. Madonna was diagnosed with placenta previa, a not-uncommon complication in which the placenta positions itself directly in front of the cervix. In a vaginal birth, this can lead to hemorrhaging or a blocking of the baby's oxygen supply, so Madonna was scheduled to have a C-section two weeks before the baby was due.

But two weeks before that, she began to bleed and so was rushed to the hospital, where she was treated like a queen. "When I went in, they were like, 'You can have your hair done. You can have your nails done,'" she says. Actually, all the queen wanted was some drugs. "I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? I don't care about that now. Just give me some morphine!'"

Rocco was born three hours later, tipping the scales at 5 pounds, 9 ounces. He was small, but healthy. "But because he was a month premature, they put him in intensive care to make sure his lungs were developed enough," she says, insisting his life was never in danger.


Unless, of course, she actually had named him Guido.

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Juicy bits

Note to Elton John's Portuguese fans: He's sorry he blew out of his scheduled concert in Lisbon like a candle in the wind last week. It's just he was offended by the nasty aroma from all those cigarettes you were smoking. His rep says he's planning to reschedule the concert for Nov. 3, as long as it "starts on time and takes place in a smoke-free concert hall." Puff on that.


Proof of love? Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe are apparently on again. The couple was spotted kissing in a cafe near Crowe's farmhouse in Australia. Sydney's Daily Telegraph reports that Crowe signed an autograph for a fan before leaving the coffee shop in a BMW convertible with a hearty "see ya, mate" and Ryan at his side. So much for keeping a low profile.

Two housemates in the Italian "Big Brother" apparently had sex this week, just four days into the show. The randy duo just pulled off their body mikes, hopped behind a couch, slid under a curtain, and rustled around as Italian viewers looked on. "I can't believe she did it after only four days," said the male rustler (who claims to idolize Bruce Willis) of the female rustler (who wants to be in movies). And you thought we had it bad here. Actually, we do have it bad here.

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