Apple's "1-click" deal leaves a sour taste

By Damien Cave

By Salon Staff
September 22, 2000 11:06PM (UTC)
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So competitors don't like what Apple did in licensing 1-click from Amazon.


Apple is a business, not a charity. If Steve Jobs can make things rough for his competition, more power to him. Bill Gates did not get where he is by being "Mr. Nice Guy." Don't ask Jobs to be nicer than Gates. The marketplace doesn't like "nice guys."


It's only too bad Apple didn't behave more like this in the past. Too many companies have made money off of Apple's innovations and then repaid them with a stab in the back.

As an Apple stockholder, I hope that this is the NICEST thing Apple does for its competitors from now on. Way to go, Steve!

-- Bob Beeman


Ultimately, I understand why Apple decided to license the technology. Apple probably decided to avoid the same controversy that lead to the court fiasco.

It amazes me that Amazon got this patent in the first place. This patent is analogous to my having to license the right to build a clock because on the surface it looks and functions like someone else's clock. The nature of patent and ideas are concrete physical and intellectual property and not functionality. If functionality was the only issue, then the original operating system creator could sue all current operating system developers because, while the innards are not the same, the other operating system provides the same functionality as their operating system which is controlling the computer.

-- Rodney Woodruff

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