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"Survivor's" Richard Hatch reveals a rather graphic molestation incident from childhood; oranges take Billy Bob Thornton to death's door. Plus: Gloria Stuart's "potty-mouth."

By Amy Reiter
September 29, 2000 8:18PM (UTC)
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Leave it to Richard Hatch to share the world's most disturbing tale of childhood woe.

Growing up in Newport, R.I., the Machiavellian millionaire apparently survived far more horrifying tribulations than anything that befell him on Pulau Tiga. Yes, worse even than cozying up to Sue.


"I was molested when I was 8," the last surviving "Survivor" tells the Advocate. "Some neighborhood kids stuffed chestnuts up my butt. I was molested again when I was 10 at the beach."

But Rich isn't bitter about the kid with the nuts fetish. Not a bit. "I feel sorry for him; he is a sad and unhappy character," he says. "It was a horrible experience, and it was painful, but I blocked it out."

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In other horrifying "Survivor" castaway news ...

I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Despite her stated desire to resume her normal life, Colleen Haskell is making a play to parlay her small-screen cuteness into big-screen cuteness.

According to, Haskell will play Rob Schneider's love interest in the SNL alum's next movie, "Animal." The film focuses on a guy who starts to act like an animal after he gets organ transplants from various livestock.


Sounds almost as good as "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo"!

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King of the World disses Queen for a Day

"Before we get carried away and nominate her for sainthood, I need to tell you she has a potty-mouth."

-- "Titanic"-egoed James Cameron on 90-year-old Gloria Stuart as she received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Forget germ theory.

An intriguing explanation for Billy Bob Thornton's hospital stay is emerging and it can be summed up in one word: orange.

The New York Post reports that Thornton's compulsion to eat only orange-colored foods -- pumpkins, carrots, papayas and, yes, oranges -- may have been behind his current health scare. The rumor is apparently consistent with Thornton's anorexia. It's also consistent with his overall wacky ways.


But the actor's spokeswoman, Michelle Bega, denies it. "These are unfortunate rumors," Bega told the paper. "He had a viral infection."

What's more, the orange-food talk apparently makes her see red. "I've personally seen him eat a salad, watermelon and even chicken," she said.

An orange chicken?


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Juicy bits

Well, if Billy Bob fails to pull through, at least Angelina Jolie will have a family member by her side. Angie's pops, Jon Voight, has signed on to star alongside her in "Tomb Raider." And -- what a coincidence! -- Voight will play his daughter's father in the film. That's taking Method acting to a whole new level.

Would you let your kids play with Adam Sandler? Now you can! Action figures based on characters from Sandler's upcoming flick "Little Nicky" will hit stores in late October, just in time for Christmas ... er, Chanukah. McFarlane Toys says the figures re-create scenes from the movies. Wind up one doll and it repeatedly punches itself in the groin (sound included!). Another has an internal bladder and can pee on command. Nice.


Drew Barrymore is set to slip into Jane Fonda's spacesuit and revive the 1968 sci-fi film "Barbarella." John August, the pen behind "Go," is working on a script that will meld the Fonda flick with Woody Allen-ish '70s sex comedies, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Really, Drew. First "Charlie's Angels" and now this?

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