Charles Bukowski

Listen to uncensored material from the "Run With the Hunted" sessions.

By Charles Bukowski

Published October 2, 2000 8:26PM (EDT)

Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) began his prolific publishing career in the 1940s. He is known for writing from his own experiences, including his heavy drinking and womanizing, two popular subjects in his poetry. Bukowski was the author of over 40 published books of poetry and fiction as well as "Barfly," a screenplay for a semi-autobiographical movie in which he was played by Mickey Rourke.

In 1993, the year before he died, this counterculture icon recorded and published selections from his classic Run With the Hunted.

According to co-producer John Runnette, Bukowski wasn't in the mood that night--to record his poems that is. Although his tough exterior helped to sell dozens of volumes of poetry, the "real" Bukowski appeared quiet and shy. Here Salon Audio features additional material from that recording session, including a candid conversation between Bukowski, his wife, and the producers that enables us to glimpse a lesser-known Bukowski.

Charles Bukowski

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