The prodigal son

Redeemed by years of quality TV, once-disgraced Jerry Springer threatens a return to politics; Jamie Lee Curtis gets diarrhea of the mouth; and Richard Gere gets lost in Liv Tyler's anatomy.

By Amy Reiter
October 2, 2000 8:35PM (UTC)
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Oh boy, here we go again.

Jerry Springer's dropping hints about running for office again. And this time, he's thinking big. He's thinking ... federal.

Sure, the erstwhile mayor of Cincinnati and onetime Ohio gubernatorial candidate still has the problems of trailer-dwelling chair throwers to dwell on, but once he's had his fill of the "My sister dated my lover's dog" free-for-alls, he says, he's seriously considering hitting the campaign trail.


"I have a passion for it ... I've never left politics," Springer said after addressing an AFL-CIO convention crowd in Cincinnati last week. "It's like your religion."

And while running for federal office would be "impossible right now," he allowed, "at some point, it's possible. I've never dismissed it."

But would people take him seriously? "If people focus on the show, the answer is no," he told the Columbus Dispatch. "If they focused on issues, then maybe."


What if they focus on that time he paid for a prostitute's services with a check?

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It's the little things

"I love that I can make little boys laugh when I use the word 'diarrhea' successfully in a rhyme."

-- Jamie Lee Curtis on the joys of writing kids' books.


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Diff'rent stroking

And speaking of celebrities who've toyed with politics ...

Gary Coleman is apparently keeping his options open following that bizarre dance around running for public office in California a couple of months back.


Cornered by New York gossipist Baird Jones at a party for, the diminutive online columnist said his California fans are his favoritest fans of all.

"In San Francisco, it is the best," Coleman kvelled. "People just nod. They give me distance, and I hardly get any autograph requests. If I want to chat, they let me initiate." See how considerate they are? I've heard Tina Yothers' fans are also very nice.

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All of 'em?

"I really do appreciate a beautiful woman's face ... but it's not a turn-on to me. I don't know, maybe I should be turned on. But I've always loved men."

-- Charlize Theron on her hetero inclinations.

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So much for that "American Gigolo" swagger


Playing doctor with Richard Gere is apparently not all it's cracked up to be.

Liv Tyler, who plays a patient to Gere's gynecologist in the upcoming "Dr. T. and the Women," said fumbling around on the examination table with the actor was no picnic.

"It was really funny and uncomfortable to have Richard Gere looking between your legs all day long," Tyler confessed at a press junket. "It was funny because he really didn't know what he was doing with all those instruments, and I was like, 'No, it would go a bit lower!'"

Insert gerbil joke here.


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Tom's turkey

Forget Leno. Never mind Letterman. The programming geniuses over at Columbia TriStar Television bring you ... Tom Arnold.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Roseanne's ex will be given his very own late-night show. The concept? "Tom Arnold meeting real people." The production company's bigwigs insist that the show will be neither talk nor entertainment.


Nor, in all likelihood, any good.

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