Jay Abraham's "Getting Everything You Can Out of What You've Got"

How-to maximize your effectiveness

Published October 3, 2000 3:00AM (EDT)

Jay Abraham has spent the past 27 years as the CEO of the Jay Abraham Group in Los Angeles helping to exponentially increase the financial growth of over 10,000 companies in 400 industries, spanning 52 nations. In "Getting Everything You Can Out of What You've Got," Abraham shares his trade secrets, methods and marketing strategies. He also explains ways in which you can maximize the effectiveness of whatever you do.

"...Jay [Abraham] teaches you more workable, tangible, profitable techniques and strategies than you can probably apply in three lifetimes. But what he teaches you about mindset is his true gift of wealth." --Michael Basch, an original founder of Federal Express.

Listen now to recordings of Jay Abraham reading from "Getting Everything You Can Out of What You've Got" (St. Martin's Press.)

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