St. Siniad's pot for children

Get that degree first, says O'Connor, then light up; Pamela Anderson: The joy of upholstery. Plus: James Woods' mom says, "He can make women do anything"!

Published October 3, 2000 4:26PM (EDT)

Nothing compares 2 a f***ed-up kid?

Don't go calling Siniad O'Connor an overprotective mom. The singer/Tridentine priest says she's A-OK with the concept of her 12-year-old son, Jake, smoking pot on a regular basis.

"I say to my son I don't mind if he smokes a few spliffs but I'd rather he didn't do it until he's finished college," O'Connor told the U.K. Sun. "It does f*** with your mind when you start."

But O'Connor, who says she tokes up every day, says persistence pays off. "I used to worry about the effect on my brain," she says, "but I just smoked on through."

And see how clear-headed she ended up?

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Re-covering addict

"My ideal relaxation is working on upholstery. And I'm not kidding! I spend hours in junk shops buying chairs and other bits of furniture that I can do up. I do all the upholstery work myself, and it's like therapy."

-- Pamela Anderson on how she avoids going on the couch by stitching it up.

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Myers' latest designs

Mike Myers: Unzipped?

The comedian appears to be bouncing back from the "Dieter" debacle, courtesy of DreamWorks and Isaac Mizrahi.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Myers has begun working on a new comedy based on Mizrahi's three-part comic book, "The Adventures of Sandee the Supermodel." If the film is made, he'll play a designer named Yvesaac, a character Mizrahi based on himself.

And if Universal gets involved in the project, as has been suggested, this will settle that "Dieter" monkey business once and for all -- which is good, because that saga went beyond tiresome ages ago.

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Dying wishes

"I have no intention of uttering my last words on the stage ... No thank you. Room service and a couple of depraved young women will do me quite nicely for an exit."

-- Peter O'Toole on going out with a bang.

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Slippery Spice?

Geesh! I knew the Beckhams were big into media manipulation, but if Andrew Morton's new book, "Posh and Becks," is to be believed, Posh Spice and her footy-playing hubby put even media masters Madonna and the late Princess Diana to shame.

Morton claims the couple actually faked the attempted kidnap of their son, Brooklyn, to gain the sympathy of a judge ruling on a speeding ticket that might have caused David Beckham to temporarily lose his driver's license.

The widely reported attempted 'napping was supposed to have taken place while the couple was Christmas shopping at Harrods last year. But, notes Morton, "Strangely, the incident was not captured on film either by the CCTV cameras outside Harrods or by the dozen or so photographers within inches of their Mercedes." What's more, he writes, "A housewife quoted as a witness has proved untraceable." And a Harrods PR guy and a photographer who was with the couple throughout their shopping spree both agree the whole thing was a big stunt.

Too bad they weren't able to collect ransom.

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Thong, thong blues

"Now a lot of these women are younger, so you get a lot of thongs now."

-- Tom Jones on the changing nature of his fans and their projectile undies.

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Juicy bits

Don't don that Jenna-esque pink bikini on Oct. 31 and expect to be hailed as an original. The party mavens at have released a list of this year's most unimaginative Halloween costumes and the castaways from "Survivor" rank right on top -- along with Darva Conger, Ally McBeal, Dr. Laura and a football-blabbing Dennis Miller. And, originality aside, unless you have a portable booty-blurrer handy, it's probably not a good idea to go as Richard Hatch anyway.

A sure way to get Christie Brinkley's dander up? Get all wiggly-kneed over George W. Bush. "You know, some women come up to me and say, 'Christie, I think Bush is cute.' I am insulted by that," says the pro-Gore supermodel. And she's no fan of Dick Cheney, either. "Who in their right mind would vote for cop-killer bullets?" she says. Sounds like the Uptown Girl's got that politics thing down cold.

James Woods may be partial to women less than half his age, but he's got the support of at least one female fan who's old enough to be his mother: his mother. Martha Dixon says her son's misogynist rep is a bum rap. "He's gentle," she says in the November issue of Talk. "If you drop something, you'll never have to pick it up. He still puts you in the car and closes the door for you. I've seen him on 'The View' with Barbara Walters, and he got her up jitterbugging. He can make any woman do anything." And he's made some do more questionable things than others.

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