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By Jan Golab

By Salon Staff

Published October 3, 2000 7:28PM (EDT)

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Wow, I just finished your story of Detective Poole's odyssey. I feel, somehow, happy. I myself am a disgruntled former LAPD detective who left the department. I myself have sat in Chief Parks' office and had him look me in the eye and tell me to ignore the law. It warms my heart to see what I believe to be the truth presented to the world.

I wish Detective Poole the best and offer him a little advice: Let it go. You can fight City Hall but the price you and your family pay is rarely worth it. There is a wonderful world outside of the LAPD: something it is easy to forget when your head is full of murder, mayhem and big-city politics.

-- Thomas Hickey

Thank you to former LAPD Detective Poole for bringing to light the true festering nature of the Rampart CRASH scandal. I would hope that Poole or Salon.com would make the report open to public review either on this Web site or through another medium.

Ultimately we must also realize what is really at the heart of this matter: the war on drugs. The last time we saw such corruption of law enforcement was during the prohibition of alcohol. Let us end this disgusting police action against our citizens, and cut corruption out of the LAPD as we would a cancerous growth within the colon.

-- Matthew Garcia

Jan Golab, and Salon, thank you for a great (horrifying) story. If this is all true, Parks and the rest of the brass in the know should be prosecuted now. Resignation and firing alone is too good for them.

-- Robert Waters

Salon Staff

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