Ian Angell

The New Barbarian Manifesto

By Ian Angell

Published October 5, 2000 9:34PM (EDT)

Educated at the University of Wales and the University of London, outspoken author and professor Ian Angell is known for his radical views regarding the implications of the cyberspace era, including his contention that the advancements made in electronic communications technology will not be a panacea for all as some have predicted, but rather will lead to the eventual end of the nation-state as we know it.

Regularly featured on BBC and known in the international lecture circuit, Angell has been called, "The only intellectually honest new conservative," by the Toronto Star and the, "Angell of Doom," by the London Times. Whether accepted as a fear-monger or a heroic futurist, "The New Barbarian Manifesto," (Kogan Page Press) addresses Angell's ideas that e-commerce will spell the e-end for modern society.

Listen here to Angell's controversial prophecies about the influence of new technologies on western culture.

Ian Angell

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