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"A Clockwork Orange"

By Anthony Burgess
October 5, 2000 11:00AM (UTC)
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Recognized as one of the literary geniuses of our time, Anthony Burgess produced thirty-two novels, a volume of verse, sixteen works of nonfiction, and two plays. Originally a composer, his creative output also included countless musical compositions, including symphonies, operas, and jazz.

The author's musicality is evident in the lyrical and dramatic reading he gives in this recording. Anthony Burgess' 1963 classic, "A Clockwork Orange," stands alongside Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World as a classic of twentieth century post-industrial alienation, often shocking readers into explorations of the meaning of free will and the conflicts between good and evil. Anthony Burgess died in 1993.


William S. Burroughs said of Burgess, "I do not know of any other writer who has done as much with language as Mr. Burgess has done [in A Clockwork Orange]."

Listen now to an MP3 or Real Audio excerpt of "A Clockwork Orange" courtesy of HarperAudio, read by the author.

Anthony Burgess

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