Class War: The Attack on Working People

Noam Chomsky -- Class War: The Attack on Working People

By Noam Chomsky
October 6, 2000 12:56AM (UTC)
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Through numerous books and lectures, intellectual and linguist Noam Chomsky has chronicled the often bloody consequences of government/corporate control, and has a thorough understanding of oppression.

The New Statesman calls him "The conscience of the American people." These recordings are taken from two lectures, "Class War: The Attack On Working People" and "Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind," both released by AK Audio.


Chomsky's words are essential listening for everyone interested in building a true democracy.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor (retired) at MIT. He is the author of numerous books including "Profit over People," "Manufacturing Consent " and most recently "Who Rules the World?", available now.

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