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October 6, 2000 1:06AM (UTC)
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Long regarded as one of the most powerful thinkers in the computing industry, Esther Dyson is president and owner of EDventure Holdings, a company focused on emerging information technology worldwide. EDventure Holdings publishes "Release 1.0," a respected monthly newsletter, and sponsors the annual PC Forum for the high-tech industry's leading players. Named one of the fifty most influential people in the New Establishment by Vanity Fair, Dyson is in constant demand as a public speaker and has written articles for the New York Times, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Wired, and the Washington Post.

"Some people like to do the work. I just like putting people near each other." (Dyson in "Wired") "I'm over the initial flush of enthusiasm about the digital works; I want to think about designing it over again in light of what we learned the first time around." (EDventure Holdings interview)


"Her value is as a thinker. She is one of the premier philosophers of the digital age." -- Ira Magaziner, a White House adviser on Internet and electronic commerce (Chicago Sun-Times)

Listen to an excerpt from the Random House Audio Books release of "Release 2.0," read by Candice Agree.

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