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By James Flint
October 5, 2000 11:00AM (UTC)
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James Flint lives in London, where he has worked as an editor for Wired UK and mute magazine. "Habitus" is his first novel.

In "Habitus" a math prodigy born to a Hasidic baker in Brooklyn, Joel Kluge is invited to study at Cambridge, where he comes to believe that the key to understanding particle physics lies in the mysteries of the Kaballah. Daughter of the inmate of an asylum near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Jennifer Several soon graduates from a TV-saturated childhood to sexual precocity and shoplifting. Judd Axelrod, the youngest of the three, is the mixed-race child of a Hollywood actress and a successful IBM salesman, with a consciousness that has a habit of slipping outside of time. On the run from his analyst, the insidious Dr. Schemata, he discovers a brilliant talent for gambling.


Meanwhile, high above their heads, Laika the first dog in space has worked out how to convert information into energy - a trick that enables her to stay alive while observing them all. Driven through their lives by the profoundly linked forces of change and chance, the lives of the three humans briefly intersect - with the result that Jennifer becomes pregnant, her unusual fetus the product of two fathers. As the child grows, the strange synthesis of identities brewing within her points to a new and different future for humankind.

"[Flint's] relentlessly dark humor and startling juxtapositions; the occasional sweeping passages that read more like prose poems than establishing shots or descriptions of the scenery; and the near overabundance of wild, wild ideas--all of these make Habitus a marvelously provocative read."- Salon.com

Hear an MP3 excerpt from "Habitus" (St. Martin's Press) recorded and read by the James Flint.

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