Listen to a 1991 recording from the Kill Rock Stars "Wordcore Volume 1" 7-inch that featured spoken word by Slim Moon and Hanna.

Published October 5, 2000 7:00AM (EDT)

Kathleen Hanna is best known as the lead singer for the punk band Bikini Kill, as she puts it, "a band that is radical not just because they challenge standard business practices, media expectations, and hierarchical bullshit, but also because they are feminist thrillseekers."

She was active in the formation of Riot Grrrl Press, a non-profit distribution/printing service for underground female writers and imagemakers. Not content playing the role of transcendental artist -- somehow separated from everyday life and community -- Hanna doesn't just create musical or artistic products, she books shows, makes fanzines, provides resources, speaks out in her community, creates forums for other women, and stays busy networking and sharing ideas with all the girls who write her "fan" letters.

In February 1991, Slim Moon started Kill Rock Stars Records in order to release the "Wordcore Volume 1" 7-inch that featured spoken word by Moon and Hanna. Listen to this seminal recording of Hanna performing "Rockstar."

By Kathleen Hanna

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