Miranda July

"I Can-Japan"

By Miranda July

Published October 5, 2000 7:00AM (EDT)

Miranda July is multi-media performer and video artist living in Portland, Oregon. In 1995 she founded Big Miss Moviola, a movie distribution network for independent women moviemakers. July has also recorded several performance albums, available on the Kill Rock Stars and K record labels.

Her films include Nest of Tens and The Amateurist. Her multi-media performance, Love Diamond, which was commissioned by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, was performed at sites all over the US, including the New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center. Ms. July is currently creating The Swan Tool, a new multi-media performance that will debut winter 2000.

Listen now to Miranda July perform her poem I Can-Japan from her album The Binet-Simon Test, courtesy of Kill Rock Stars.

Miranda July

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