Jonathan Kellerman


By Jonathan Kellerman

Published October 5, 2000 7:00PM (EDT)

Child psychologist Jonathan Kellerman has brought his expertise to numerous bestselling tales of suspense, including twelve previous Alex Delaware novels, "The Butcher's Theater," and "Billy Straight." He has also published two volumes on psychology, two children's books, and is the author of "Savage Spawn," a nonfiction book about violent children.

In his new novel, "Monster," detective Alex Delaware faces one of the most grisly and baffling mysteries of his career: How can a psychotic locked up in a secure institution predict murders in the outside world? Delaware and his partner Milo Sturgis must penetrate this enigma in order to stop the horrific killings. In doing so, they are drawn into a web of family secrets, vengeance, and manipulation--both inside the asylum and on the streets of L.A., where death, drugs, and sex are marketed as commodities. The climactic discovery they make as they race to prevent more killings gives fresh and terrifying meaning to the concept of monstrosity.

Listen to an MP3 audio excerpt from "Monster" (Random House Audio), read by actor John Rubinstein and brought to you in cooperation with Random House Audio Books.

Jonathan Kellerman

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