Malachy McCourt

A Monk Swimming

By Malachy McCourt
October 6, 2000 1:14AM (UTC)
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In 1952, Malachy McCourt left a childhood of poverty in Limerick, Ireland, heading for the promise of America.

"A Monk Swimming" is the story of what he brought with him, and what he thought he left behind. Larger than life, a world-class drinker, McCourt carved out a place for himself in New York City: in the saloons, as the first celebrity bartender, mixing with socialites, writers, and movie stars, on stage and on television, where the tales he spun made him a Tonight Show regular.


These days McCourt is a writer and actor and has appeared in such films as "The Devil's Own" and "Bonfire of the Vanities."

Listen to an excerpt from "A Monk Swimming," (Random House Audiobooks) --a story told with passion, wit, irreverence, and charm-- read by the author.

Malachy McCourt

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