Anaos Nin

Anaos Nin Reads

By Anaos Nin

Published October 5, 2000 10:01PM (EDT)

Anaos Nin, child of a Spanish father and French-Danish mother, was born just outside of Paris in 1903. For many years the name Anaos Nin has been associated with the avant-garde and the literary underground. She's also known for her turbulent personal life and her affair with novelist Henry Miller.

It wasn't until the liberated 1960s that she became widely recognized as a daring and innovative artist. Her work, at once familiar and exotic, is today considered among the most important literary achievements of the twentieth-century.

In this excerpt, recorded in 1972 at the 92nd St YM/YWCA Poetry Center in New York City, Anaos reads excerpts from her diary which she began at the age of eleven. The film "Henry & June" was also based on this diary.

Listen to an excerpt from the HarperAudio release "Anaos Nin Reads," in which Nin recounts conversations with Henry Miller and Lawrence Durrell.

Anaos Nin


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