Lust, skin and lusty skin

Liz Hurley says meet me at the intersection of libido and epidermis; Rosie O'Donnell leaving TV for the adoption biz? Plus: Johnnie Cochran to Ms. Houston: Sorry Whit, we're not a fit.

By Amy Reiter
October 5, 2000 8:39PM (UTC)
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Uh-oh. Elizabeth Hurley is talking about her libido again.

She is, she says, a big fan of lust. "A bit of lusting after someone does wonders for you and is good for your skin," she advises in November's Marie Claire.

'Twas a skin-care lesson she learned in high school chemistry, when she found herself obsessed with the boy who sat in front of her. "I longed for moments when I could brush past him on the way to the Bunsen burner or exchange lingering looks over our litmus test," she said.


I wonder if they also studied spontaneous combustion.

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Which dimple?

"My family have been waiting very patiently -- especially to see the dimple."

-- Catherine Zeta-Jones on bringing her famously chin-dimpled baby (yes, like his grandpa Kirk) to see her family in South Wales.


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Good news for Oprah

No more Rosie?

Rosie O'Donnell says she's thinking of ditching her daytime TV show duties when her contract expires in 2002 in order to devote herself to aiding adoptions.

"I get such a rush when I have a baby who's hard to place and I find a family that's overjoyed with the child," O'Donnell, who has acted as a go-between for 39 adoptions and has adopted three children of her own, tells Ladies' Home Journal.


Baby placing, she says, is "definitely more fulfilling" than chatting up celebrities. And while she still likes doing her show, she's "sick of all the crap that goes with it."

Like fame and fortune?

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La Vida Loca ... sans bubbles!


"I had to mime underwater without bubbles coming out of my mouth. It's been pretty interesting, and I've learned a lot of things."

-- Ricky Martin on the extremely edifying experience of making his latest music video, "She Bangs."

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Juicy bits

Paula Abdul obviously meant that "Forever Your Girl" stuff. The singer/choreographer is looking to make a comeback in children's TV. Variety reports that she's just signed a development deal with Fox Kids to create an animated and live-action kids show about a garage band that's trying to make it big. The idea came to her when she was making the "Opposites Attract" video, in which she dances with an animated cat, 10 years ago. What, you don't think it will be worth the wait?

Abort the countdown. James Cameron may not be blasting off to the fungus-filled Mir Space Station after all. Rae Sanchini, president of the director's Lightstorm Entertainment production company, denies reports that his boss is planning to blast into space. True, he's taken to visiting NASA facilities and Russian space facilities, but it's all for the sake of research; he's working on a TV miniseries, a book and an IMAX film about Mars. "He's diligently pursuing every aspect of the cosmonaut experience," Sanchini tells Mr. Showbiz. But at this point, he says, Cameron has no plans to blast into space. And it sounded like such a good idea.


More from the denial department: Posh Spice and her hubby are lashing back at biographer Andrew Morton for claiming they made up their story about a fan trying to kidnap their son, Brooklyn, at Harrods last year. They say they're deeply "disappointed that these and various other allegations have been given any credence."

Also denied: Whitney Houston of Johnnie Cochran's services. USA Today reports that, although the diva's closest associates asked Cochran to do for Whitney's drug case what he did for O.J.'s murder case, the lawyer turned 'em down cold. Cochran's spokesman says he's moving away from criminal law. To what ... poetry?

Talk about morbid. Tiles from the swimming pool in which Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones died were eagerly snapped up in an online auction held last month. The auction is expected to raise more than $60,000 to be used to erect a bronze statue of Jones in his hometown in Cheltenham, England. Please tell me it won't be a fountain.

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