Dale Peck

"Now It's Time to Say Goodbye"

By Dale Peck

Published October 5, 2000 11:40PM (EDT)

In Dale Peck's third novel, Now It's Time to Say Goodbye (William, Morrow & Co.), Colin Nieman and Justin Time abandon New York City for the tiny Kansas village of Galatea. Racially polarized and desperately poor, the town is dominated by Rosemary Krebs, a white matriarch determined to resurrect her lost Southern childhood, and Abraham Greeving, the black preacher who will do anything to stop her. As their stories unfold, we learn the truth about Galatea's dark past and even darker future.

Now It's Time to Say Goodbye is that rare thing: an utterly gripping thriller -- crammed full of suspense, Gothic horror and often startling violence -- and a highly sophisticated piece of literary legerdemain. This dark, ferocious book reads like Twin Peaks and Pulp Fiction combined with Days of Heaven and To Kill a Mockingbird, with some bits of Faulkner, Carson McCullers and Flannery O'Connor thrown in for good measure." -New York Times

Dale Peck


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