Rick Pitino

Success is a Choice

By Rick Pitino

Published October 5, 2000 4:47PM (EDT)

For Rick Pitino, who led the Kentucky Wildcats to a spectacular 1996 NCAA basketball championship and the final round of the 1997 NCAA tournament before making his much-talked-about leap to the Boston Celtics, success isn't about shortcuts. Pitino's secret -- and the reason he has become both a great coach and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers -- is his strategy of over-achievement.

Now, in "Success is a Choice,"[BDD Audio] he takes the same proven methods that have earned him and his teams legendary status and gives you a ten-step plan of attack that will help you become a winner at anything you set your mind to:

- Build your self-esteem
- Set demanding goals
- Always be positive
- Establish good habits
- Master the art of communication
- Learn from good role models
- Thrive on pressure

Rick Pitino

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