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Hillary's Choice

By Gail Sheehy
October 5, 2000 11:51PM (UTC)
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What is the real story of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton? Gail Sheehy began to discover it seven years ago, when she wrote the first revealing piece about Hillary. Since then, she has followed and recorded this relationship as only she can. "Hillary's Choice" takes the Clintons from the moment they met in law school through the humiliation of the Lewinsky affair and the drama of the impeachment battle to reveal the power shifts, the genuine passion, and the ultimate price Hillary has paid for her love and her amibtion. With in-depth reporting, Gail Sheehy has brought an acute understanding to the private dynamic of a very public and political partnership.

Gail Sheehy is also the author of the landmark book "Passages" and the number one bestseller "The Silent Passage." Most recently, she published "Understanding Men's Passages."


Listen to the author read an excerpt from "Hillary's Choice," courtesy of Random House Audiobooks.

Gail Sheehy

Gail Sheehy is a contributing editor for Vanity Fair and Parade magazines and is the author of "Passages" and other books.

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