Beau Sia

"8-year-old Reject" and "What I Did Last Summer"

By Beau Sia
October 5, 2000 11:00PM (UTC)
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Beau Sia is originally from Central Outworld Ott Six Ott. He has managed to infiltrate New U.S.A. East through subverting many genetic things. Since moving to our airy fortress above the Outworld scum which infect our pure society, Beau has won the 1998 Southern California greatest poet of all time prize. Not to be outdone by Charles Bukowski, Mr. Sia consistently boasts about the number of boils he has to have drained.

Finally, Beau has a very rare disease that can only be cured by the adult way of loving from sexy women who have high media exposure. Blue is his favorite color.

Listen to exclusive MP3 recordings of infamous poet and spoken word artist Beau Sia performing slam-winning poems, recorded recently in New York City at the Urbana "Cute Boy Slam."

Beau Sia


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