J. Tarin Towers

"Collecting Box Tops"

By J. Tarin Towers

Published October 5, 2000 7:00PM (EDT)

J. Tarin Towers is a freelance writer and editor who lives in San Francisco's Mission District. Her first book of poetry is "Sorry, We're Close" (Manic D Press, 1999). J. Tarin has performed at bars, cafes, theatres, and colleges around the country, including on tour with the Sister Spit Rambling Road Show and at two National Poetry Slams.

Her work has appeared in the Pushcart Prize Anthology XXIII, The Carnegie Mellon Younger Poets Anthology, Exquisite Corpse, The Fray, and many other magazines and anthologies.

"The best things in life come to those who hold grudges and really big sticks, and don't talk softly or wait around for anybody to give them anything. "--RF Glanner

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J. Tarin Towers

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