Deborah Weisgall

A Joyful Noise

By Deborah Weisgall

Published October 5, 2000 10:12PM (EDT)

Deborah Weisgall tells the story of growing up with two remarkable men for whom music was their passion, faith, history, and destiny. Her grandfather served as the cantor in his synagogue; her father was a famous composer and conducted the synagogue choir.

As a child, Deborah longed to be entrusted with this precious music. But it was impossible: she was a girl.

"A Joyful Noise" (Grove) recounts Deborah's search for a place within family tradition, and her triumphant discovery of a way to make the men who would exclude her finally listen to her voice.

Listen to this excerpt from "A Joyful Noise," recorded live at the 82nd St. Barnes & Noble in New York City.

Deborah Weisgall

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