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"The Married Man"

By Edmund White
October 6, 2000 2:57AM (UTC)
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Edmund White was born in Cincinnati in 1940 and has lived in France, Rome, and New York City, where he resides today. He is an officer of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and teaches at Princeton University.

His extensive writing career includes an autobiographical trilogy of novels, a collection of short stories, and a critically acclaimed biography of Jean Genet, and a travel book about gay America, "States of Desire." He is a cultural critic and co-author of "The Joy of Gay Sex: An Intimate Guide for Gay Men to the Pleasures of a Gay Life" with Dr. Charles Silverstein.


In "The Married Man," (Knopf) Austin and Julien dash between bohemian suppers and sophisticated salons but when Julien develops AIDS their quest to save health and happiness pushes their love to its ultimate crisis. Hear Edmund White read from this poetic and moving work.

"Edmund White's 'The Married Man' is one of the most powerful, candid, devastating and moving novels I've read in recent years. It is both beautifully written and unsparing in its honesty." --Joyce Carol Oates

Edmund White

Edmund White's award-winning fiction and criticism have chronicled modern gay life in America. They inclide "The Joy of Gay Sex" (1977, written with Charles Silverstein) and his trio of autobiographic novels, "A Boy's Own Story" (1982), "The Beautiful Room Is Empty" (1988) and "The Farewell Symphony" (1997).

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