Robert Frost

Acquainted With The Night and West-Running Brook from "Robert Frost Reads"

By Robert Frost

Published October 6, 2000 12:35AM (EDT)

Born in San Francisco in 1874, Robert Frost is considered one of America's leading poets of the 20th century. Essentially, Frost is thought of as a pastoral poet whose work closely reflects the scenery and life of rural New England. He is noted for his ability to join this pastoral imagery with philosophical themes to create strong lyrical poems.

Over the years, Frost received an unprecedented number of literary, academic, and public honors including the Pulitzer Prize, which he was awarded four times. Frost's poetic and political conservatism did cause him to lose favor with some literary critics, however, in the end his reputation as a major American poet has remained secure. Frost died in Boston in 1963.

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Robert Frost

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