The creator of Citizen Poke reads from his novel and talks about books for a media-saturated generation

Published October 6, 2000 4:50AM (EDT)

Josh Koppel's first book, Good/Grief (Melcher Media), is an affecting memoir for the media-saturated generation. A couple of inches thick and the length of your hand, the clever, unorthodox format comes filled with QuickCam images and few, but expressive, phrases and sentences. This entirely original combination chronicles six disarming incidents from Koppel's childhood including the emergence of pubic hairs and the awkward experience of dancing with Mom.

Koppel was the creator of Citizen Poke, the first online Web magazine for college students, and co-produced the Dating Game Online for Sony. He currently lives in New York City, where he makes television promos for Oxygen Media.

"Part of the pleasure of reading this book is watching Josh Koppel invent this way of telling a story, and part of the pleasure is wondering how far he can go with it." --Ira Glass, host of public radio's This American Life

"Intimate and moving throughout, Josh Koppel's Good/Grief is a light-hearted recasting of Proust for the age of attention deficit disorder." --Steven Johnson, editor of Feed Magazine and author of Interface Culture.

By Josh Koppel

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