The celebrity dreams essay contest

Have you dreamed of Madonna or Brad Pitt, Michael Jordan or Martha Stewart or any other famous person? If so, you could become something of a star yourself.

By Salon Staff
October 9, 2000 9:25PM (UTC)
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The famous (and infamous) are everywhere, even in our dreams. And we want you to tell us about your celebrity dream in 400 words or less. We'll pick the three best submissions to publish in Salon People within the next six weeks. Each winner will receive $100 and a couple of gimcracks featuring the Salon logo, which you may display prominently and proudly upon your body, in your house or in that small fluorescent-lit cubicle where you while away most of your waking hours.

The contest


Have you ever spent the night with a celebrity? In your dreams, that is? If you have, it's OK, nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we want you to tell us all about it in vivid detail. (Remember: There are no laws, moral or otherwise, in dreamland.) It will be just between you, us and the millions of Salon readers around the world who will get to read the three best submissions.

The rules

The rules are simple: Stay within the word-count limit, and write about a dream you had in which you either were or were with a widely recognized person, such as a movie star, musician, sports figure, politician or any other authentically famous individual. And, yes, you may send more than one entry. The three winners will be chosen by the Salon People editors. The deadline for submissions is midnight PDT, October 24, 2000.


How to submit your entry

Following these directions exactly, e-mail your essay to

1. Do not send attachments -- send your essay in the body of your e-mail message, with double spaces between the paragraphs.
2. In the message's subject line type "Celebrity Dreams" and nothing else.
3. At the top of the message, above your essay, give your name, phone number and mailing address.
4. Authors of the three winning entries will be notified within 30 days of our receipt of the entry.
5. Nonwinners will not be notified. Please do not call or send e-mail to check on the status of your entry.

Good luck and sweet dreams.

Salon Staff

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