Uh oh -- O.J.'s angry!

The juice's ex-girlfriend says she heard him confess, and now he's furious; Gwyneth and Ben seen modeling a more ... friendly relationship for exes; and Jerry Springer disses Jerry Springer.

By Amy Reiter
October 9, 2000 8:26PM (UTC)
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O.J.'s attacking another blond!

O.J. Simpson insists that his ex-girlfriend Christine Prody was fibbing when she told the National Enquirer that she'd heard him confess to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman; she did it for the tabloid's $50,000 payoff, he says. And he's also denying Prody's contention that he's been harassing her. In fact, he says, she's stalking him.


"This girl has a substance abuse problem and that's why I ended our relationship," O.J. tells Hollywood Gossip. "But now she is following me and harassing me to the point where a police officer has told me it amounts to stalking. This is a typical 'Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned' and it's making my life very difficult just now."

The two split, he says, after his attempts to get her help failed. "The next thing I know is that she's been offered thousands of dollars from a supermarket tabloid to spill the beans on me," he says. "She had been evicted from her apartment, her phone was shut off, her friends were abandoning her. She became easy prey when the tabloids moved in."

Memo to O.J.: Your handlers don't like it when you call a woman "easy prey."


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Frankie say: Vote JFK

"Dad was on an errand."

-- Tina Sinatra on her father's role in gaining mob support for John F. Kennedy's presidential nomination in 1960, on "60 Minutes."

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Bouncing back?

Ben and Gwyneth, true love forever?


So what if Gwyneth Paltrow says she loves being single and Ben Affleck claims he found working on love scenes with her for the upcoming film "Bounce" a little creepy, given their romantic history? The ex-couple was recently spotted hanging all over each other in Paris, and now "Bounce" director Don Roos says he believes the two actors are true soul mates -- and suspects they may still be getting it on.

"It's clear that they were in love with each other as characters, but I don't know how much you can really make up," Roos tells Biography magazine. "This is pretty real."


In fact, he says, by the end of filming, Gwynnie and Ben were constantly in each other's clutches -- on camera and off. "They'd go off to lunch together holding hands and certainly gave every appearance of a couple in love," he said. "Whether they end up together or not, they will be in each other's back pockets for the rest of their lives."

Well, that certainly doesn't sound very comfortable ...

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The academics of luuuv

"Why lady music will always be my curse and my blessing, my joy and my frustration."

-- The topic love man Barry White will tackle in a speech before 900 students at Oxford University on Monday.

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Springer sees self, says "silly"


Guess what! You're not the only one who thinks Jerry Springer's show is unwatchable -- he thinks so, too!

"I would never watch my show. I'm not interested in it," Springer tells Reuters. "It's not aimed towards me."

Then again, while he admits his show is "silly" and not to be taken seriously, he contends that it serves a very "important" role.

"If I had a complaint about American television, it is that historically it only reflected upper-middle-class white America," he says.


The land of the free ... and the home of the brave enough to pull hair on national TV?

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Juicy bits

In what could be seen as a desperate move for credit -- or credibility -- Christina Aguilera is launching her own credit card, to be issued by BMG Entertainment and Capital One Bank. For every Christina card transaction, a portion of the debit will go to the Christina Foundation, which helps sick, homeless and abused kids. At least now you know who's in charge.


Now that it has a headlock on movies, politics and TV, the WWF is taking a flying mare into the music biz. The wrestling federation is launching its own record label, Smackdown! Records, Billboard reports, and its maiden effort will be a rock and rap compilation of musicians covering songs used to introduce wrestling stars at matches. The label will be headed up by Ron McCarrell, who used to head up marketing for Windham Hill. I guess all that George Winston music can drive people to take desperate measures.

Your suspicions are confirmed: Jennifer Love Hewitt is the devil. The actress has signed on to play Satan alongside Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins in the Baldwin-directed remake of "The Devil and Daniel Webster," according to the Hollywood Reporter. "It is a more grown-up role for me," admits Love Hewitt. "I want to show that I am growing as a woman and a human being and am ready to take on more adult roles." This adult role pits her against Hopkins in the struggle for Baldwin's soul. I suppose it's too much to hope that he eats her?

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