Asel is gone

By Flore de Preneuf

By Salon Staff

Published October 10, 2000 7:01PM (EDT)

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I am a Jew and I believe that Asel, an Arab Isareli, was murdered by Israeli police while he was trying to rescue a friend who had been shot. The fact that he was wearing the Seeds of Peace T-shirt when he died, that he was known for his optimistic belief in peace, that he was severely beaten, shot at close range, and the testimony of witnesses all attest to this obscene truth. I am ashamed of the behavior of my fellow Jews and believe that we American Jews must express our disgust and call for fairness to Arab Israelis and Palestinians in Israel (even as we are critical of the Palestinian leadership for failing to cool riotous passions). Israeli Arabs should not be treated as second-class citizens, as has been the case. Further, peace between Israel and Palestinians can only be attained when trust is established. Therefore, Israel must admit its culpability in using excessive and brutal force in this disaster before any progress can be made.

-- Cheryl Guttman

Salon Staff

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