"He's finished"

By Alex Todorovic

Published October 10, 2000 7:06PM (EDT)

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The article was amazing to read. I've been watching hours of cable news coverage and nothing gave me an understanding of what was going on in Serbia until this short piece. Excellent work!

Once again, you guys are the best source of news on- or offline!

-- J.F. Lawton

I'm of Indian origin, and I wish to congratulate the Yugoslav people on their well-deserved freedom. Their struggle will go into the annals of history alongside other great nonviolent victories: Gandhi's struggle for a free India, the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, the overthrow of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, the liberation of Romania from Nicolai Ceausescu, the crushing defeat of communism in Poland and Czechoslovakia. They have once again proved what a powerful force civil disobedience can be.

All along the events in Yugoslavia, I've been nervously hoping the people stick together this time long enough. And they did stay united. And the coward did bow to their will. Ah, my friend Slobo, where will you go now? How kindly you make those statements: "I want to spend time with family and grandson" -- Remember the people of Bosnia and Kosovo? How many grandchildren did you kill? How many families did you destroy? May you be punished for your crimes. May it be known to all bullies (Saddam, are you listening?) that their Judgement Day will come. I hope the people of Iraq realize what they can do if they wished to.

Long live the Yugoslavia ... Long live freedom ...

-- Ramana Krishna

By Salon Staff

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