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October 9 - 13

By Salon Staff
October 17, 2000 12:31AM (UTC)
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NY Post: Lennon's killer had alternates list

E!: Puffy sued again

E!: Bette and Geena score

Film Unlimited: Sixth Sense star unenthusiastic about Harry Potter film


E!: N'Sync to do "Grease 3"

EW: ER sneak peek

EW: 98 Degrees slapped with $25 million lawsuit


EW: Cher to headline Hillary's birthday party

NY Daily News: Kate Hudson's dad pleads for understanding

Wall of Sound: Eminem case adjourned until September

CNN: West Wing takes sweeps week

Mr. Showbiz: Hurley burned by SAG after crossing picket lines


Mr. Showbiz: No Duchovny in Star Wars

Mr. Showbiz: "Ed" makes big debut


Ain't it Cool disses Blair Witch 2

NY Daily News: Ali-Frazier to tour in "peace bout." Frazier says "look at him and look at me now. You tell me who won it all."

NY Daily News: HBO to re-run all Sopranos episodes


Film Unlimited: Coppola adds an hour to "Apocalypse"

EW: Fox may find "Dark Angel" too rich for its blood

Film Unlimited: Julia Robert dissed by brother Eric. He asks "what did she do" in "Erin Brokovich," "Wear some push-up bras. It wasn't great acting."


Film Unlimited: Mark Hamill says "If only I could get Bill Gates in a headlock, I'd give him some good noogie."

Review Round Up: "The Geena Davis Show"
- SF Chron: dimples, legs and perkiness hide unqualified disaster
- Variety: "not so much bad as in need of a shakeup"
- NY Daily News: "No work of genius"



NYPost: Julia v. Bjork for Oscar nod?

Variety: SAG/advertisers head back to negotiations

Mr Showbiz: Hurley dateless for premiere?

Wall of Sound: Boy George on Eminem "pretty" but "paranoid"

Film Unlimited: Church of Satan lauds Hurley as recruiter for the devil...Hurley admits engaging in all 7 deadly sins with lust as her favorite.


Film Unlimited: Jodie Foster defends Riefenstahl as she plans a bio-pic. Foster desribed Riefenstahl as "one of the great stories of the 20th century, an extraordinary woman, sharp as a tack and as beautiful as she ever was, with a tremendous body."

NYT: Internet radio on the rise

NYT: Buzz report from TV bazaar in Cannes


Review Round Up: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"
- NYT: A "heady and delicious brew"
- Fox: Tiger "burns bright"
- NY Daily News: "Matrix", "kid stuff" in comparison

Review Round Up: "Requiem for a Dream"
- CNN: Aronofsky "can't get enough of himself"
- Entertainment Weekly: "Dream" hit hard by election year politiking
- NYT: "it's a downer, and a knockout"


Review Round Up: "Get Carter"
- USA Today: All fizzle, some fun
- NYT: "bloody and incoherent"
- LAT: "diverting" but "routine"

Mr Showbiz: Farnsworth dies in suicide

E!: Hunt to reprise Mad About You role?

Mr. Showbiz: Douglas, Zeta-Jones to tie knot


Variety: West Wing takes second term by storm

Variety: Hollywood struggling against threat of new ratings

Wall of Sound: Rhymes gets 5 years probation

Wall of Sound: Manson to release Blair Witch II soundtrack

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