Charlize asks nicely: "Can I touch?"

Theron puts her hands on pumped-up Will Smith; a new home for Marilyn Monroe's falsies? Plus: Irish musician gets nose out of joint, calls Aguilera "a snot."

By Amy Reiter

Published October 16, 2000 4:08PM (EDT)

Does Jada Pinkett Smith know about this?

Will Smith and Charlize Theron shared a particularly touching moment when they bumped into each other last week.

It seems Smith has been working out like a banshee in order to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee when he steps into the role of Muhammad Ali in the upcoming Michael Mann biopic "Ali." And thanks to the six hours a day he spends alternating between the weight room and the boxing ring, his biceps, abs and pecs are getting mighty buff.

So when Smith ran into Theron, he tells USA Today, the actress could hardly believe her eyes. "I'm 20 pounds heavier than when she saw me last," he explains. So impressed was Theron with Smith's pumped-up pecs, she was moved fondle them. Then again, she did ask before getting jiggy with them.

"Can I touch?" she inquired.

Way to put the "fresh" back in the Fresh Prince.

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Terminating the rough stuff

"My age now is such that I feel more responsible."

-- Arnold Schwarzenegger on why he's planning to turn over a new, less-violent leaf in his upcoming films.

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Real boob bids on false boobs

Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful -- hey, what the &%^$ are Marilyn Monroe's falsies doing in my dress?

It seems Shirley Jones may have a cushy surprise awaiting her. Her estranged husband, comedian Marty Ingels, has apparently begun boasting that he's planning to buy her Monroe's C-cup falsies, which are currently up for auction online. Ingels tells Wireless Flash News that he hopes the gift will entice the erstwhile Partridge Family matriarch to take him back.

It's not that he thinks Jones needs a little boost in the bra, mind you. Ingels says he's bid on the boob-enhancements for Jones to use as shoulder pads in her outfits.

"She's always having difficulty with her shoulder pads. So I thought she should have the most famous shoulder pads in the world," Ingels tells me. "I just hope they're big enough."

And even if his isn't the winning bid, he says, he hopes he and Jones will reconcile by Halloween.

Now that's scary.

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Did Eminem put them up to this?

"We don't like her. She's a horrible person. She's a snot."

-- A member of the Irish boy band Westlife on Christina Aguilera after she reportedly demanded he give her his seat at a London bar. And they say chivalry is dead ...

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Juicy bits

Sad Spice Girl news: Mel C. is depressed. On the bright side, though, her meds seem to be doing the trick. "It's an illness and nothing to be ashamed of," the sportiest spice told the U.K. Mirror. "I hope that I can dispel the stigma attached to this condition." The singer says the downturn was precipitated by all the press's jibes about her recent weight gain and speculation as to her sexual orientation. OK, yes. I do feel a little guilty. You?

And if you needed further evidence that the British press is pushing the bounds of decency ... The BBC's celebrity magazine Star has determined that Madonna's three-month-old son, Rocco Ritchie is one of Britain's most eligible bachelors. He ranked No. 20 on a list of top bachelors under 24. (Insert cradle-robbing joke here.) Tony Blair's son Euan was voted No. 4, Prince William No. 6. Wonder where Rocco would have ranked on a list of most eligible bachelors under 24 months ...

But lest we Americans find ourselves moved to point and laugh, we would do well to note the latest evidence of our own rapid cultural decline: The publication of an unauthorized biography of Richard Hatch. Investigative reporter Peter Lance, Hatch's co-writer on his ill-fated "Survivor" tell-all, announced last week that his "blistering [Hatch] exposi," "The Stingray: Lethal Tactics of the Sole Survivor," will hit bookstores in November. "I was the 17th castaway to get voted off the Island," Lance says, alluding to the rocky end of his literary relationship with Hatch. "Like other tribe members before me, I trusted Rich and formed an alliance only to find myself on the wrong side of the Tribal Council bridge in the end." And I'm sure that lovely metaphor is just a taste of what Lance's zesty book has in store.

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