Who killed Biggie Smalls?

By Jan Golab

By Letters to the Editor
October 19, 2000 11:51AM (UTC)
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I think it's safe to say that the federal government needs to step into the LAPD situation and conduct a full investigation. As a former police officer, I'm appalled and disgusted with the favors and casualness with which these officers traded their badges and their souls. Biggie Smalls was no angel, but that's NOT the point. It's obvious when you pick up a police trade magazine why LAPD is always hiring and people are always leaving. The police department has always been a sick, sad joke among other big-city cops.


-- Jeffrey Harris

As someone who knew Biggie personally, I'd just like to say that it's a shame that a young man could be murdered in the streets of L.A., and the LAPD not be motivated to find his killer. I honestly believe that if Biggie was white, considering his celebrity status, that the killer would have been found by now. I definitely know that if the killer hadn't been found by now that the LAPD would be pursuing the case with a lot more intensity. The same thing applies to Tupac. These two young men were the biggest hip-hop stars on the planet, yet their murders remain unsolved. These murders didn't take place in Iowa or South Dakota, they took place in L.A. and Las Vegas in front of lots of witnesses. It is crystal-clear that there was never any intention of bringing their murderers to justice! If there is a God, which I do believe, the investigating police will have a very special afterlife while they're burning in hell!

-- Thomas Satterthwaite

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